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Special Exempt Pay for all Postmasters due to COVID related circumstances extended to June 4, 2021



Families First Coronavirus Response Act


Level-18 MOU Allowing more than 15 Wkly Hrs in Clerk Craft

        From The President's Desk

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MARCH 03, 2021


2021 Current VER Offering Eligibility

USPS is currently offering voluntary early retirement (VER) to eligible career employees who are executive and administrative schedule (EAS-15 to EAS-26) payscales working in Headquarters, Headquarters related facilities, Area offices and District offices.  The retirement effective date for this VER offering is April 30, 2021.

Employees eligible for VER will be sent information to their work email and home mailing address on record to help them make an informed decision. 



Peaches and Print March-April 2021

Georgia Chapter of UPMA - 2021